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Queen alariatte
Debut TBA
Gender Female
Age 28 (Physically)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color blue
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Relatives Cel (son)
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Skills Swordplay
Powers Telekinesis
Equipment Hyperion
Status Alive

Alariatte (full name unknown)





Character RelationshipsEdit

Skills, Equipment, and AbilitiesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit


Hyperion is Alariatte's main weapon of choice. It is a traditional claymore, or greatsword, that is capable of cutting through tough materials ranging from chain-mail to plated armor. Hyperion is also houses light, which Alariatte can summon from the tip of the sword's blade to use for her advantage in the event she is weakened. The sword itself can to channel light energy, which can be utilized to create devastating beams of light as another means of attack. Hyperion also grants Alariatte increased speed, agility, and endurance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alariatte is adept at using certain forms of kinesis,

  • Photokinesis: Alariatte is able to bend and even create light to her own advantage, even in the dead of the night.She can create a flash by causing all air around her to become excited, thus emitting energy in the form of an intense, disorienting light. This is capable of temporarily blinding foes. Alariatte is also proficient in manipulating light waves in order to become invisible to the naked eye to such a level that she is undetectable from almost any means necessary. Other photokinetic powers she possesses include absorbing and releasing light.
  • Telekinesis:
  • Mental Projection: