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I am the heir to SkyPeak Mountain. My name is Averel! What's yours?


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Gender Male
Maximum Age 13
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Averel is The son of Volcan and Strikeflier


A headstrong child, Averel doesn't tend to listen to anyone. Not even his sister, Blair. He often gets himself into situations he seemingly can't handle alone, but always pulls through. He tends to get caught up in his music.


Averel is a cheery person. Determined in battle. He refuses to give up on anything. He is friends with almost anyone he meets, so long as they're nice. He is much like his sister on this aspect.


Averel was double-teamed by Thorn and Averia in the match of the Demonis Children. His power was later used to lure Tera and Thorn into the sky.


Notable QuotesEdit

"What's your name?" Averel, meeting someone new. "Lemme finish this song!" Averel