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I will not fight unless the matter calls for it. In the end, I will be your enemy.


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Gender Female
Maximum Age 13
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Blair is The daughter of Volcan and Strikeflier


Blair was born from the order of the Sacred Orb. Aging fast, she learned the art of combat quickly from her father, and by watching her uncle, Gaia, train her cousin Jorden. She is a very formidable opponent, and was the voice of reason during the match of the Demonis Children, refusing to fight Thorn twice before being defeated by Hikari.


Blair is a very level-headed girl. She refuses to fight without reason, and loves people. She decides not to care on their morals, and judges their character. Despite her sense of justice, Blair is a bit of a 'girly-girl'. Nearly everything she owns has some sort of pink on it. She tends to freak out over slight things. She also has caught the disease of fangirlism. When around someone she idles (currently Rayne's Aquos Lumagrowl) she shreaks with joy.


Blair looks up to her Aunt, Senterra. She wishes to be able to heal one day, the way her aunt does.


Notable QuotesEdit

"Fighting is pointless. And so are your motives." Blair to Thorn during the match of the Demonis Children.