Sarah's Ingram Human
Used By Sarah
Commander in Chief Senterra
Title Demonia's Glowing Flower.
Gender Female
Age 24
G-Power 900 (IRL) 1200 (RP)
Rank Assistant Captain
Attribute DemonisHaos

Demonis Haos

Weaponry Blades of Salvation
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Main Allies Senterra

Hawktor The Demonis Siblings

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Unit Senterra's Squadron
Unit Position 2nd

Ingram is one of Sarah's many bakugan. She is the Assistant Captain of Senterra's squadron.




Glistening Destruction: drops opponent by half amount of their base G-power

Light Breaker: transfers 550g to Ingram from opponent

Wings Of Amethyst: after this ability is played Ingram's wings become covered in diamonds the opponent loses 150g for every ability played that involves them adding or me subtracting

Ingram: gives g-power boost equal to the amount Ingram has.Then temporarily blinds opponent

Diamond Sword: Ingram attacks with a sword made of Diamond. opponent loses 400g

Topaz Burst: shocks opponent making them lose 500g that is transfered to Ingram

Aquamarine Blast: no Non-Haos abilities may be played

Fusion Abilities:Edit

Carnation Blast: gives Boost Flower Ingram 600g

Kinetic Attack: opponent loses 400g,500g if they have higher g-power than Burst Flower Ingram. All of which is transferred to Ingram