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Commander in Chief Death Demonis
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Gender Male
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Rank Assistant Captain
Attribute 21px-Subterra.svg Subterra
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Unit Position Second

Demonis Razenoid is the Assistant captain of Death Demonis's Squadron.


Razenoid (called Raze by many) was born into Earth. He grew up in Rome during the time of the crusades. His parents, who sent him to Earth with a brawler, died before the event. When Raze discovered his human form, his brawler went to join the Children's Crusade. Raze followed. When on the ship back, they took a detour. Raze, who's brawler was on a different ship, was forced into slavery. After years of enduring it, he broke free. But didn't run away. He simply broke his shackles and waited. The morning when the slavekeeper came to make sure they were all doing their jobs, he murdered him. He returned to Rome, wearing a poncho, that ironically had two crosses where it covered his shoulders. Raze, who was more than infuriated, went into the church. Without taking much attention, he murdered the guards, and walked to the Pope. When asked by him "What are you doing!?" He replied "I'm defying your god." And stabbed him in the heart slowly with a Crusader's sword.


Being merciless to his enemies, he is a very frightening opponent. He's skilled, but rarely talks. And when he does, it's frightening. With the ability to make his opponent fall unconcious, many times he doesn't even touch his foe. Combined with his hypnosis ability, he has the Nightmare ability. While in the dream, his opponent suffers through nightmares they can't wake from. While it may not seem deadly, whatever happens in the dream, occurs to the physical form of the foe.

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