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Gioia Hakura Matrix
Gioia human
Debut Appearance {{{debut}}}
Title Princess of Matrix
Used By None
Gender Female
Age 19
Attribute Matrix Haos Matrix Haos
G-Power Unknown
Close Relationships Celestial (father)
Ariette (mother)
Icarys (possible lover)
Main Allies Akuma
Main Adversaries Dementia
Theme Song TBA
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry Scythe of Beyond, Brink Calibre
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame Ancora
Fighting Style Beauty from Light
Signature Abilities TBA

Gioia (Full name: Gioia Hakura Matrix) is the firstborn daughter of Celestial and Ariette, and a Haos Strikeflier of Matrix. She is also the adoptive sister of Runa and Kasai.


As a Bakugan, Gioia is a graceful and elegant angel-like being with long, white, feathered wings. She is able to utilize a bow that is the color of pure gold, which can fire actual arrows. She also utilizes a white scythe with gold etchings on it, thought rarely uses it. Gioia can even bend light around her in order to make herself invisible, and where ever there is no light, she can create her own to bend.


Gioia is a kind-hearted and warm girl, and treats almost anyone with kindness and respect. She also is very peaceful and calm, but can be impatient and stubborn at times when angered. Gioia is one of the very few beings who can calm down her father Celestial, and cares about him very much.

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Gioia has known Icarys ever since they were young children, as their parents were close friends. They have gotten very well ever since Celestial introduced Gioia to Icarys. Years later, when Icarys gained the title as the official Knight of Matrix Haos, Celestial also granted him the title as being Gioia’s protector, as he knew he could trust Icarys with his daughter’s life. Icarys is very close to Gioia like a brother, and will gladly give up his life to keep her safe. He also cares for her deeply and will assist her in any situation. Gioia looks up to Icarys like a lovable older brother, and will happily calm him down when he is in a foul mood. There are rumors that Gioia and Icarys are more than just close friends, though both deny this.


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