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Josette Leona (Zetesse) Naganoir
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Used By Valentin Kazami
Gender Female
G-Power 1200 G
Attribute File:21px-Pyrus svg.png Pyrus
Weaponry Whip of Searing Flames
Theme Song Creeping in My Soul
Main Adversaries TBA
Main Allies TBA
Close Relationships Leonidas (husband)
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Title Queen of Searing Flames
Status Alive

Josette (Full name: Josette Leona Zetesse, later Josette Leona Naganoir) is Pyrus variation of the Bakugan Leonidas, and the wife of the actual Leonidas.



Josette is a very naive female, sometimes acting like a teenage girl around Leonidas. She also tends to flirt with him, and deeply cares for Leonidas. She has a strong sense of justice just like him, and loves to battle, only Josette is willing to go beyond her levels in power, unlike Leonidas. She is also stubborn and impatient at times, but is usually calm, but talkative.




Being Leonidas' wife, Josette tends to flirt with him, and acts like a teenage girl around him. Josette only listens to Leonidas, and deeply cares for him, even tending to him when ever he is upset or feeling guilty. Leonidas returns these affections by caring for Josette in return, and will do almost anything to protect her and keep her for himself. This is especially when Josette goes beyond her limits in power in battles, which causes Leonidas to be extremely concerned over her safety.


Spade and Josette were once as close as brother and sister, which they once were. Despite the fact that he knew that Josette did not love him as much due to affections toward Leonidas, he still cared for her. When he died in the hands of Leonidas, who had reluctantly killed him, Josette was sobbing over her fiance's deed and the death of her brother, despite the fact that Spade was ready to slay her as well for leaving him.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Amator Adeptus (Lover of Doom): Leonidas (in whatever evolution he currently is in) is added into the battle. Each of Josette's and Leonidas' G-Powers are doubled, then added up. The total G-Power then increases by half of its amount, while each of the opponent's Bakugan/Support Pieces lose G-Power equal to the amount gained by Josette and Leonidas after the combining of their G-Powers.

Fusion Ability CardsEdit


  • She is named after the character Josette du Pres from the Dark Shadows franchise, specifically from the 2012 movie.