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Gender Male
Maximum Age 13
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Nenriki is The son of Stellarah and Shadow.


Nenriki is a telepathic. He has the ability to move things with his mind, and read the minds of others. His abilities have helped Gil very much in his taming of Anaksu. Nenriki is very close with his sister Amaya. The two often team up in many battles. Nenriki did not obtain the reaper power like Amaya did. He, inherited his fathers power of shadow manipulation. His ability of the mind was created by the reaper traces mixing with the shadow manipulation. Diminishing the Reaper traces, but creating a further control of the mind.


Nenriki is a ominous type of person. His ability is a bit of a strange one in his family. Although it is similar, but more powerful than Ella's ability in her past life, it is rare. He is treated no different in his family, but strangers do not take as much of a shine to him.


Nenriki has a natural red highlight in his hair. He sticks to black attire. Occasionally throwing red and grey into it. He always has a book with him. In rare occurences, he is able to use the book as a power source, creating new abilities for him.

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