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Senterra Anabelle Demonis
250px-Senterra Anime
Used By Sarah
Gender Female
Maximum Age 24
G-Power 610 G (IRL)
1100 G (RP)
Attribute DemonisHaos

Demonis Haos

Weaponry Axes of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory
General {{{General}}}
Lieutenant Haos Hawktor
Pet BakuTech Currently None
Theme Song
Main Adversaries
Main Allies Allagar
The Demonis Siblings
Close Relationships none
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Special Style
Signature Abilities Seraph

Senterra (Full name: Senterra Anabelle Demonis) has amazing medical capabilities, and has the ability to heal almost any injury. She also works on her own field of medical study, and has learned to use Demonian herbs and spices to make the effectiveness of her own medication incomparable to any other medications known. She has also been teaching Allagar how to make his own medicine and treat wounds.


With healing abilities only to be matched by her brother Allagar, she was once sought out by many on her home planet of Demonia. She was often the target of many attacks, due to people believe she was strictly a healer. She has mastered the Axes of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. While she uses them defensively, they protects her while she does her special ability. Her ability is called Chant. It enables her to summon the spirits of her siblings to help her. She is married to Hawktor. Together, they have two children Hikari and Alara.


Senterra is intelligent. She has a vast knowledge of the medical field, which sometimes makes her a little edgy about certain things. She can predict the outcome of any dangerous situation with nearly perfect precision.


  • Senterra shares her initials with her brother, Salahar.


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