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Sheath Celestia Demonis
Used By Rayne
Gender Female
Maximum Age 24
G-Power 760 G (IRL)
1100 G (RP)
Attribute DemonisDarkus

Demonis Darkus

Weaponry Sakabato
General {{{General}}}
Lieutenant Shadow
Pet BakuTech {{{pet}}}
Theme Song
Main Adversaries
Main Allies Nova
Close Relationships none
Mechtogan Demonis Flytris
Mechtogan Titan none
Special Style Final Reaper
Signature Abilities Shadow Core

Sheath (Full name: Sheath Celestia Demonis) is the true Demonis Reaper.


Sheath was always one for the sciences. Anything that can be learned, she has attempted, or will attempt to learn it. She is a guardian bakugan of Rayne. Together with Pandora, Aqua, and Nova, She built the floating city of Stalaria, which is now the Demonis Siblings' home. She is the true Demonis Reaper. She fights using her Sakabato.


Sheath is Intelligent, moreso than the others. She thinks logically, if there is no explanation, she doesn't believe it can happen. She has almost always been the voice of reason (despite the claims from Aqua and Salahar). She is able to keep her cool in the most complex situations. Unless overwhelemed by spirits, she will greet even her worst enemies with a smile, and a heartwarming welcome. Because of this she is considered an easy target, however, those who've faced her in battle know that is not the case.


Notable QuotesEdit

"Tell me now... Have you been forgiven?" -Sheath

"All logic out the window, I'm not what I appear to be. Life and death come unto me" -Sheath activating Reaper Mode.

"You seem to forget who you're talking to. Unless, that was meant for me, in which case, prepare for a quick, painful death" -Sheath to Shade.



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